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2019-12-04 23:33

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《心象无常之玫瑰》布面壁画 贰零零玖 180X180cm


Either Lao Zi's Invisible Power or Si Kongtu's Images beyond the Images or Clive Bell's Significant Form can be used to explain the passionate pursuit of the true meaning behind the artistic form of paintings, stemming from the dissatisfaction with appearance. In Eastern philosophy, it is Tao and Zen schools of thoughts, while in the West it is the eternal truth. Its purpose is to reveal the inner and permanent essence of things. This form of painting in the West is known as Abstract while in China, it is known as Mental Imagery, Imagery and Images beyond the Images. ArBos paintings are unique, describing the magnificent and mysterious universe of his own in a classical and realistic style. No matter what is the changing world, his paintings embody his pursuit of Images beyond the Images as well as a representation of another truth.



关键词: 心象 却是 之象 无常